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LA Armour Profiles: Collector by Gideon020 LA Armour Profiles: Collector by Gideon020
Disclaimer: I don't own this image. If anyone knows who drew this, tell me so I can give proper credit.

It came out of nowhere! All we heard as a warning was the whirring of that godawful chainsaw before Noriko got hit, sliced her in two and that grinning skull the only thing she saw as the fucker carved her up!"

*Incoherent sobbing*

"Then it raised the right arm and we saw that gatling gun start to spin before it opened fire. Everyone got torn up, I only survived because Sarge pushed me into a side door."

Recording of debriefing of SICON Mobile Infantry Trooper James Moriarty after his platoon was stalked by an unknown mercenary wearing a Genom Los Angeles Bone Collector Power Armor.

Genom Los Angeles Model 203-D Bone Collector Power Armor
Genom Los Angeles may not produce Boomers, but they are Genom after a fashion and when they showed video of the Bone Collector, many thought that Michael Huxley had finally gone insane and had authorized the creation of a Boomer.

It wasn't a Boomer, but considering the suit, some now believe it would have been better if it was.

The Bone Collector was originally marketed as a military suit but after a lack of buyers, the company began releasing these on the open market and it became popular amongst mercenaries partly because of its fairly decent mobility and heavy armor combined with brutal weapons, but also for the skull-shaped helmet that completes the terrifying image it presents.

The Bone Collector gains its name from the fact that a particularly psychotic mercenary known as the Bone Collector used this armor in all of his missions and used the brutal chainsaw on the left arm to saw off the skulls and bones of his victims as trophies, cementing its grisly reputation.

The Bone Collector remains in full production and has proven popular amongst some African militias outside the Pan-African Nation for its ability to whether the African climate.

There are scary things in the world, and now thanks to Genom Los Angeles, there's one more monster out there in the form of the Bone Collector.

Reinforced Neo-Chobham composite armor

Standard Weapons:
-1x 25mm Chaingun
-1x Reinforced Dikoted Chainsaw
-8cm Rocket Pod

Standard Systems:
-Full Environment Sealing with oxygen filtration
-Automatic Repair System
-Internal Medical System
-Standard Optics Package; low-light enhancement, acoustic imaging, thermal imaging and 64x electronic zoom.

Open Market: $800,000
Black Market: $570,000
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