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Janes LA Weapons: Starfortress by Gideon020 Janes LA Weapons: Starfortress by Gideon020
Disclaimer: This image belongs to Gainax and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! For years the B-52 has been the main strategic bomber of the United States since the Cold War, a relic that barely manages to get new life breathed into it even after the traumatic events of the 23 Hours."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Arasaka Corporation in partnership with Boeing is proud to unveil the latest generation in strategic bomber technology."

"May I present to you, the B-90 Starfortress!"

Arasaka representative presenting the B-90 Starfortress at an international air show in Paris.

Reactions ranged from open shock and horror to awe with some individuals requiring treatment for shock.

Arasaka-Boeing B-90 'Starfortress' Strategic Super-Heavy Bomber

Kenichi Arasaka is well known in the business world not just for his eccentricity and willingness to step on people's toes, the Death Saber is the prime example of this, but also for his bizarre bouts of inspiration.

Case in point when he saw a NERV Evangelion transport in operation and openly declared that such a massive plane should not be used for such a pitiful role and decided to make it into a bomber.

Many thought privately and openly to his face that he had finally gone mad, asking who would want to purchase such a monster aircraft? Even if he found a interested buyer, the cost alone would likely be astronomical.

Arasaka then made this famous statement, "If the United States and Russians still used the B-52 and Tu-95 Bear before and even after the Hours, aged heavy bombers that can lay waste to cities, what manner of military could resist a state-of-the-art plane capable of single-handedly wiping out a country?"

He was proven right after the unveiling of the massive plane, a huge flying wing that from wing-tip to wing-tip is double the width of a B-52 and just as long and fully capable of carrying strategic weapons along with conventional munitions when the United States Air Force requested three while the Chinese have managed to purchase two.

In the air, the B-90 is all but invulnerable to attack, layered in MDC armor several feet thick and protected by an advanced computer-controlled Pin-point Barrier System while thousands of homing laser projectors fitted in eight domes along the spine of the bomber alongside VSAM cells provide a literal storm of firepower, but the B-90 is fitted with ECS stealth technology, allowing it to vanish into thin air and it lands only under cover of darkness at special bases.

Rumors persist that the B-90 has a special system that allows it the ability to create its own munitions, but since it has Dimensional Compression, it is viewed as unlikely.

Currently, six B-90 Starfortresses are in confirmed existence; three in the United States Air Force's 2nd Bomb Wing, two in the People's Liberation Air Force of China and a single technology tester that has been converted into an airborne laboratory by the Los Angeles Advanced Research Institute.

-1x Pilot
-1x Copilot/Navigator
-1x Weapons Officer
-1x Electronic Warfare Officer

-4x General Electric GE-2300E Cold Fusion Reactors feeding sixteen Rolls-Royce 'Titan' Pulse-Detonation Fusion Thrusters.

-MDC Nano-composite plating with foam-metal/reactive nano-gel layered insulation and energy-reflective nano-chemical coating.

-military radio W/scrambler
-military ECM and ECCM
-satellite uplink
-full visual suite
-ejection seats
-damage control
-Fire extinguisher
-laser detector
-72 hours life support
-navigation systems
-cybernetic linkage
-military radar with target ID and look down
-radar detector
-laser communicator
-chaff and flare dispenser
-environment control
-Dimensional Compression System
-ECS Stealth System

-4x Hardpoints on the wings, usually fitted with Fuel-Air Cruise Missiles or Nuclear Cruise Missiles.
-8x Homing Laser Arrays on the dorsal spine of the craft.
-VSAM Cells
-Internal bay capable of carrying 400 metric tonnes of munitions with Dimensional Compression disengaged, 400,000 tonnes once Compression is engaged.

-$55.6 million per plane.
marcoasalazarm Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009
That writeup reminds me of the Blackwing of the series 'Human Target', for some reason:


Hope you don't mind if I make some mini-story about Washu getting one 'under the table'. It's just too good an idea to let go of.
Gideon020 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009
Please do, it *is* too good to let go of.
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