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Janes LA Weapons: Firefly by Gideon020 Janes LA Weapons: Firefly by Gideon020
Disclaimer: I don't own this image, please tell me who does so I can give credit.

"Charlie-Two-Echo, this is Watchtower. We have three Mi-221 Fireflies incoming on your position. Recommend you duck and cover boys."

"Roger that Watchtower, Charlie-Two-Echo is going to ground."

"Understood Charlie-Two-Echo, try not to get exposed out there. See you after the explosions stop."

Recording of British SAS operatives being alerted to an Iranian Mi-221 Firefly VTOL patrol.

LAC-Mil Mi-221 'Firefly' Attack VTOL

Los Angeles Customs is no stranger to military concepts, having worked with Fairchild on their 'Thorn' air superiority cyborg fighter and the Ural BTP-100 Super Heavy Tank.

So when the Mil Helicopter Plant in Russia came forward with a new attack aerodyne design that would become the Firefly VTOL, LAC prepared themselves for whatever new challenges would arise.

They were pleasantly surprised to find that the design was fairly simple and the only real challenge was the requirement for the design to integrate an optical camouflage system for a Spetnaz version, which was quickly overcome with a newer and more robust version of the Black Technology-based ECS used by Mithral and other para-military organizations.

The Firefly is a nasty piece of work to encounter in combat, its two high-power laser cannons mated with a pair of Taurus M-240 flamethrowers, capable not only of projecting conventional napalm and Taurus-made Black Napalm, but also capable of projecting a deadly stream of gas-plasma without the need to change barrels, making it a deadly opponent to infantry.

While the Russian Army and Spetnaz Guard Brigades are the sole military users of the Firefly VTOL, the Mi-221 has been popping up in the hands of other nations as well, such as the Iranian Army, the People's Liberation Army of China and several wealthy African militias have these as personal enforcer craft.

The Russian government denies selling these craft on the sly while LAC cites an exclusive production contract prevents them from selling the Mi-221 to other buyers, both independent and government-affiliated.

-1x Pilot
-1x Co-pilot

-Nano-composite armour with reactive nano-gel insulation and energy-refractive coating.

-Sukhoi VTOL Vectored-Thrust Flight System.

-military radio W/scrambler
-satellite uplink
-ejection seats
-damage control
-anti-laser aerosol
-laser detector
-navigation systems
-military radar
-radar detector
-laser communicator
-chaff and flare dispenser
-ECS optical camouflage system (Spetnaz Model Only)

-2x twin-linked Laser Cannons in chin turret.
-2x twin-linked M-240 Flamethrowers in chin turret underneath lasers.
-4x Hardpoints on wings.

-LAC Export Price: $3.8 million
-Actual Production Cost as sold to the Russians: $1.9 million
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Thunderchild-Actual Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
the owner of the picture is talis d. merrill
Gideon020 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012
THanks, now I can give credit.
Thunderchild-Actual Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
welcome. found it by accident.
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