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Janes LA Weapons: AV-26 Seeker by Gideon020 Janes LA Weapons: AV-26 Seeker by Gideon020
Disclaimer: I don't own this image, it belongs to Katsuhito Akiyama and Bubblegum Crisis.

"Did we lose them?"

"No idea. Turn here, it leads straight to the...

A whining noise drowns out any further speech. Muffled shouting is heard alongside the screech of car tyres.

"This is Arasaka Security! Surrender the briefcase, this is your only warning."

Car tyres screech for a brief second before gunfire is heard.

Audio footage recovered from an intact S-DAT player after Arasaka AV-26 Seeker Aerodynes attacked and killed two suspected thieves attempting to escape with corporate secrets.

The suspects were later posthumously charged and found guilty after an LAPD inquiry and investigation.

Arasaka AV-26 'Seeker' Attack Aerodyne

It is a well documented fact that Los Angeles maintains a corporate extra-territoriality legislate that allows corporations such as Arasaka, Eurocorp, Genom Los Angeles, Los Angeles Concepts and more to be able to exercise the right to their own private security forces and limited military power under the careful and eagle-eyed administration of the LAPD.

Kenichi Arasaka was the first CEO in Los Angeles to create an air-mobile security force using Aerodyne technology after seeing the usefulness in the technology from studying mega-corporations such as SalCo and Diggers-Tech.

Aerodyne is a catch-all term for any form of VTOL-capable vehicle and has been used sparingly when marketing a hovering vehicle that is capable of unassisted flight but Arasaka used the term as the basis of their marketing and refused to call their in-the-works product as anything other than an 'aerodyne' when asked to comment on it.

The AV-26 was unveiled at an arms convention for various military leaders, corporate bigwigs and private security contractors and from the get-go attracted a healthy number of buyers to justify going into production with its sleek lines, tight turning circle in both forward flight and hover modes and ease of use and maintenance.

The AV-26 unveiled at the arms convention however, was in actuality an export model using a conventional lifting-fan system. The AV-26 in use by Arasaka makes usage of a more powerful and expensive contra-gravitic lift panel, allowing it unprecedented mobility combined with the AV-26's capable armament.

Despite this obvious deception, the AV-26 sees usage with many mercenary agencies and with the Japanese Strategic Self-Defense Forces.

-1x Pilot

-Arasaka Security version: MDC Nano-composite armour with foam-plastic ballistic insulation and energy-refractive coating.
-Export Version: MDC Nano-Composite Armour.

-Arasaka Security: Arasaka 'Tengu' Contra-Gravitic Lift System
-Export Version: General Electric HLF-900 Lifting Fan

-military radio W/scrambler
-satellite uplink
-full visual suite,ejection seats
-damage control
-Fire extinguisher
-laser detector
-12 hours life support
-navigation systems
-cybernetic linkage
-military radar
-radar detector
-laser communicator
-chaff and flare dispenser
-environment control

Arasaka Security:
-2x Twin-linked Heavy Rapid-Fire Plasma Cannons.
-8x Hardpoints

Export Version:
-1x 30mm Autoannon
-8x Hardpoints

-Arasaka Security: 2.8 million per craft.
-Export Version: 1.9 million per craft.
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JDunk1971 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
This looks like one of the designs from R. Talsorian Games's Bubblegum Crisis RPG.
leon-mcnichols Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
DO you have any more on the KnightWing ?
marcoasalazarm Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2009
That looks like one of the vehicle designs for 'Bubblegum Crisis' (cannot recall if the 80's or the 2040 version).
Gideon020 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2009
Thanks, now I can give credit where its due.
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