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Eurocorp SA-2 Samson by Gideon020 Eurocorp SA-2 Samson by Gideon020
The following was inspired by Marcoasalazarm's Coreline Info Packet on Pandora, created by James Cameron, see it here: [link]

Coreline was made by marcoasalazarm, Avatar and its attendant technology by James Cameron.

"Didn't I see these in a movie somewhere?"

"Yeah, ya did. I heard that Stingray supposed had the designs first but the Syndicate yanked the plans from her servers right under the nose of her pet hackers and technopaths. I'm talking walking in and just taking them without her even noticing!"

"No kidding? Well its her loss now."

"Tell me about it, my boss just bought fifty about an hour ago."

Conversation between unnamed mercenaries at Eurocorp office in Paris regarding the SA-2 Utility Aerodyne.

Jane's LA Weapons Eurocorp Special
Part 1: SA-2 Samson Utility Aerodyne

Eurocorp is one of Los Angeles' premier cybernetics firms, particularly in the field of military cyberware, and it was believed that they would go with a pre-23 Hours design for their first rotor-craft submission to the ever expanding market of weapons and vehicles on Coreline.

Many expected some manner of heavily armed gunship or deadly attack helicopter, perhaps a heavily armoured transport. Most were slightly disappointed when they revealed the SA-2 Samson Utility Aerodyne and at first orders were slim in appearing.

Then RDA Corporation, eager to recoup lost profits after the UN banned Unobtanium mining, filed a lawsuit, stating that the SA-2 along with a number of other designs in this Jane's LA Weapons special, were stolen directly from their servers after the Pandora Incidents.

Eurocorp filed a counter-lawsuit stating that the RDA corporation, and the files inside their servers fall under UN Corporate Law regarding commercial espionage, and that Eurocorp were within their right to acquire the information for their own usage, and resort to espionage to do so.

Interest in the SA-2 exploded after that combined with rumors ranging from RDA giving the designs to Eurocorp to Sylia Stingray being the first to steal the designs and that Eurocorp stole the designs from Stingray combined with word of mouth praising the solid, easily repairable and maintained design and its ability to operate in a variety of extreme environments, and soon the orders began to flood in.

The SA-2 utilizes dual co-axial ducted rotorfans fitted to independantly twisting mounts, allowing for superb maneuverability and high fuel efficiency is granted thanks to a Ducati Plasma-Electric engine system, which can be recharged in the field from a standard generator, allowing for the SA-2 to operate in remote locations.

Because it is a utility aerodyne, the SA-2 relies on its speed and agility to defend itself but when required can be fitted with four-shot rocket pods and door-mounted guns with Eurocorp electing for the Seburo Maximus 14.5mm machinegun in this role but the mountings can accept a wide variety of weaponry.

Currently the SA-2 is in full production and a wide variety of custom variants are beginning to appear.

-1x Pilot
-1x Copilot
-2x Door Gunners

-Nano-Composite Armour with energy refractive coating and reactive nano-gel insulation.

-2x Eurcorp EG-435 Coaxial ducted rotors.
-Ducati Los Angeles S-9000 Plasma-Electric Engine

-military radio W/scrambler
-ECM and ECCM package
-satellite uplink
-full visual suite
-damage control
-anti-laser aerosol
-laser detector
-navigation systems
-cybernetic linkage
-military radar
-radar detector
-laser communicator
-chaff and flare dispenser

-Four-shot heavy rocket pod.
-Seburo Maximus 14.5mm Heavy Machinegun

-$1.6 million per aircraft.
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Star-Chi Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Out of curiosity, is it worth having a tilt rotor if it doesn't have any fixed wing surface?

These kinds of aircraft tend to be stall-y by design, right?
Unless this is not meant to tilt it's rotors a full 90 degrees, I'd like to know what makes it a viable choice in design instead of a traditional twin-rotor design.

Also, your art is superbly amazing.
JDunk1971 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Nice design.
Mridea123 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
this is a good idea that has to start now 
ANDY1701A Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
GiromCalica Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I searched for Electric Angel, and instead of finding Rin and Len (those extremely cute twins), all I found is this. Badass stuff.

Hell yes.
darktimesakasteve Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010
I simply love the functional, realistic, yet futuristic design of this baby.
great work.
marcoasalazarm Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010
As usual, incredibly good work, my man.
Gideon020 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010
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