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Eurocorp MT-9 Valkyrie by Gideon020 Eurocorp MT-9 Valkyrie by Gideon020
Avatar and RDA belong to James Cameron, Coreline is Marcoasalazarm's. Okay? Good.

"How the hell are we supposed to get the goods in with only one space-plane?"

"Relax, this isn't just any space-plane, its an MT-9."

"No shit? Huh, maybe this job won't be so bad after all."

"Yeah, look here it comes now."

Massive droning roar as an MT-9 Valkyrie engages its VTOL thrusters and bgeins landing procedures.

"Goddamn if that ain't a thing of beauty. All right, lets get her unloaded."

Recording from 'Masterson Freight Company' a small shipping company that uses an MT-9 as its flagship heavy hauler.

Janes LA Weapons Eurocorp Special
Part 4: Eurocorp MT-9 Valkyrie Superheavy Transatmospheric Cargo Lifter

Soon after the unveiling of the HC-3 Dragon Superheavy Gunship, Eurocorp stunned the world by releasing a cargo spaceplane as its next release in the so-called 'Avatar' line of RDA-based designs.

The MT-9 Superheavy Transatmospheric Cargo Lifter is a massive space plane fitted with powerful pulse-detonation fusion thrusters for forward flight in both atmosphere and space, and heavy-grade contra-gravitic lifters that allowing the craft to breach the atmosphere straight from landing if required and allow for increased agility all around.

Heavy armour of the same manufacture as the infamous B-90 Starfortress provides massive protection and the MT-9 has a carrying capacity equal to most dedicated cargo ships, an advanced dimensional compression allowing for upwards of 2 million metric tonnes of cargo to be carried with ease in special cargo bays.

The MT-9 is also unique for a spaceplane in that it fits its own FTL drive system, a Quake-verse slipgate generator, allowing the MT-9 to travel to distant ports, offload and take on cargo, and then head off to new ports without having to dock with a mothership. An ECS system allows the MT-9 the ability to avoid detection as well, making this spaceplane a rapidly popular purchase for smugglers and special forces in getting in and out without being detected.

Currently the MT-9 is being produced on an order by order basis and despite or perhaps in spite of its advanced design, is selling well in comparison to other cargo spaceplanes in light of its capabilities.

-1x Pilot
-1x Copilot/Navigator
-1x Weapons Officer if fitted with remote gun turrets
-1x Electronic Warfare Officer

-4x General Electric GE-2300E Cold Fusion Reactors feeding Two Rolls-Royce 'Cronos' Pulse-Detonation Fusion Thrusters and ten GMLA Heavy Contra-Gravitic Lifters, five per side.

-MDC Nano-composite plating with foam-metal/reactive nano-gel layered insulation and energy-reflective nano-chemical coating.

-military radio W/scrambler
-military ECM and ECCM
-satellite uplink
-full visual suite
-ejection seats
-damage control
-Fire extinguisher
-laser detector
-900 days of life support
-navigation systems
-cybernetic linkage
-military radar with target ID and look down
-radar detector
-laser communicator
-chaff and flare dispenser
-environment control
-Dimensional Compression System
-ECS Stealth System

-2,980,650 metric tonne cargo capacity thanks to Dimension Compression. The MT-9 cannot disengage its Dimensional Compression systems.

None, though it is possible to fit remote gun turrets for self-defence purposes. Eurocorp's own small fleet of MT-9's utilizes 10cm gattling-style powerguns for this purpose.

-$6 million per spaceplane.
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martyver Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014
Where did you get all this backstory? Seems interesting.
Gideon020 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014
A useful thing called an imagination.
martyver Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014
Than i must congratulate you with your amazing imagination!
Anzac-A1 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014
"Thing of beauty"? It's damn ugly.
harrisonevans Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010
some of this is crap for example price- $6 million bollocks {for 1 cold fuision reacter maybe}. cargo- 3 million metric tonnes imposibe thats about the same as 30 cruise ships it would take at least 20 MT-9's each with a nuclear reactor powerful enough to light up new york to lift that. Dimensional Compression- if would have to be compressed shit loads to fit inside a spaceship that wasn't the size of a city and compressing that amount small enough to fit on the ship wound increase the cargos gravity by so much it would desrupt the ships small elctrical wirering, radar and communcations
lmbednark Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
I want one...
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